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Inspired by Hawaii, and infused with some California swagger, Wanna Chill? was created to bring an island tradition to the mainland. Let’s make one thing clear, we don’t make snow cones. We make Hawaiian Shave Ice. And it’s a completely different taste experience. If you’ve never had Shave Ice, we’d encourage you to come in and try it.

The Art of Hawaiian Shave Ice

What is Hawaiian Shave Ice?

Here’s how we make it. You start with a base. Usually, customers ask for Ice Cream, Mochi Bites, or Boba Poppers as a Base (we put it in the bottom of the cup first). Then you add the ice. We take a block of ice, and right in front of you, shave it to a very fine, fluffy, soft, snowy powder. The soft ice falls into the cup, over your base. Then we pour up to three different Syrup flavors over the ice (we have over 60 syrup flavors). The syrup soaks into the ice so that every bite will explode
with flavor. It’s traditional to add a topping such as sweetened condensed milk on top (also known as a Snow Cap). This combination of a base, shave ice, and topping is what makes a traditional Hawaiian Shave Ice. We can honestly say that the most common words out of a person’s mouth the first time they try one is… “Oh my god! This is sooooo good!”

Wanna Chill?

We’ve been blessed to receive feedback that our Hawaiian Shave Ice is pretty amazing. To add to that experience we offer a broad selection of amazing Ice Cream flavors to complement our Shave Ice. Again, we’ve received feedback that our ice cream flavors are creamy and delicious. If you are in the mood for just ice cream, come in for a scoop or two. We can even make you an ice cream sundae.
Feeling like something different? Then try a nice Organic Fruit Smoothie, an Ice Blended Coffee, or a Protein drink. We have a wide selection of smoothies and ice blended drinks. Our shave ice syrups contain no high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. And, we offer sugar free and “all natural” options as well. We want to give our customers choice so we try to have a little something for everybody.

Wanna Chill? Then come on over for an amazing experience and let us put a smile on your face.

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